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Agriculture brushes in Adelaide
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Quality Agricultural and Fruit Roller brushes in Victoria, NSW and WA

Supplying a variety of agricultural brushes, at BJJ Industrial Brushes, we use only the very best materials and methods to create quality equipment for a range of industries. Our range of commercial brushes servicing Australia include flexible strip brushes, which can be wound tightly or loosely to provide multiple uses, to auger and conveyor brushes, small fruit roller brushes, drag brooms and more, we have it all.

Our expert team boasts more than 150 years of combined experience, ensuring our customers throughout Victoria and across Australia receive reliable service and top-class products every time. Offering custom-made fruit roller brushes and brooms with a variety of different materials, and with competitive prices on all our services and products, BJJ Industrial Brushes guarantees satisfaction every time.

fruit roller brushes Victoria, NSW and WA Australia

Our agricultural brushes range includes:

Strip brushes - Strip brushes have multiple uses. For example, they can be used as industrial door seals to prevent dirt, dust, birds, and rodents entering the workplace, or your garage at home. They’re also used in truck, train, car, and bus washes, as well as for conveyor belt cleaning, in spiral-wound road brooms and in boot brushes. 

Strip brushes can be wound according to the application, so for light work it may be more suitable to open up the strip to achieve a less dense and therefore more flexible brush. Meanwhile for heavy work, or where greater pressure will be required, it’s better to closely wind. 

Spiral-wound strip brushes can be supplied onto a refillable core, or a shaft, or can be supplied loose to fit onto a customer`s existing shaft. A typical application is a screw auger brush for the wine industry. This is supplied loose and fitted to the crushing auger for the removal of grape skins and seeds. Strip brushes can be formed internally to cover such applications as bottle or tube cleaning, or wherever surfaces are required to be cleaned in one pass. 

The strip brush can be supplied in straight lengths which can be made up to any length you require, with the trim length ranging from 10mm to 400mm long. They are used in agricultural machinery, for car and bus washing equipment and in a host of other industries, and can be used for spray curtains, door seals, and truck wheel arches.  

Filaments:  steel, stainless steel, brass wire, polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, animal hair, and natural fibres.  

fruit roller brushes

Wine, fruit and vegetable processing - horticulture and viticulture industries

From label and conveyor brushes, to under vine and orchard, auger brushes and spray suppressants, we supply a full range of agricultural brushes for all kinds of jobs. 

Auger, incline strainer brushes  - available in eight and 12 mm stainless steel-based loose spiral wound strip, with stiff polypropylene or nylon filaments. These brushes are made to your specifications
and include:

Grape harvester brushes

Stalk elevator brushes  

Weed spray suppressant brushes -  made using 8mm strips with ‘h’ or ‘f’ backing, with polypropylene fill. We can make the bristle length up to 400mm long with the length of the strip to suit
your requirements. 

Rollers for washing, waxing, and polishing fruit and vegetables - maximum length is 2.4m long (in one piece), with a maximum overall diameter of 600 mm.

Punched or loose spiral-wound rollers

Small fruit roller brushes -  76mm long x 120 overall diameter (or to your requirements). With round or square bore.  


Washing - polyethylene

Polishing/waxing - nylon or horse hair and nylon mix or horse hair

Drying - nylon or horse hair or nylon and horse
hair mixed

fruit roller brushes

Block, stave, cast and fruit roller brushes

Block brushes - made to your requirements in wood, aluminium, stainless steel, and brass or food grade, with high-density polyethylene and
nylon bases.

Boot brushes - kick or walk-through style

Butcher blocks - timber or plastic back
Printers blocks  

Golf tee-off mats  


Stave brushes and cast brushes

Conveyor brushes  

Stork elevator brushes

Perforated screen cleaners

Stave brushes for flour sieves  

Silo tripper brushes  

Sheep race trap brushes  

Filaments Available :

Food grade nylon, polypropylene
Horse hair, pig bristle, goat hair

Natural fibres; tampico, union and bassine,
coco fibre
Brass, brass-coated wire, stainless steel, wire  

Drag brooms - wood base drag brooms can be used for trotting tracks, greyhound tracks, soft ball diamonds and horse racing tracks, and any sandy or clay surfaces that require
levelling or smoothing. 

Dew brooms - are used on golf course greens to remove the dew for an early
morning putt.

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