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  • Fruit roller brushes
  • Fruit waxing 
  • Fruit polishing

Quality food industry brushes in Victoria, NSW and WA  We service Australia-Wide

For all your food industry brushes in Victoria, NSW and WA and all accross Australia, look no further than our quality range at BJJ Industrial Brushes in Victoria and all for Australia. Supplying a variety of brushes to suit all types of requirements from fruit waxing and fruit polishing we can source or custom-make the brush you need, at a highly competitive price.

Our family-run company prides itself on excellent customer service and we use only the best quality materials to ensure complete satisfaction every time. So, whether you need a flue brush, chute brush, or twist-in wire brush, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

Twist-in wire brushes

Also known as boiler tube brushes, a condenser tube brush, test tube, pipe and bottle cleaners, medical and flue brush, the twist-in wire brush has many uses within industry. Essentially, the brush is composed of a doubled over piece of wire, with bristle material inserted between the fold of the wire stem. This stem is then twisted in to a brush, hence the ‘twisted in wire’ name.

At BJJ Industrial Brushes, we can supply the material of your choice to suit your particular needs, creating a custom-made brush, or you can choose from our ready-made brushes. We can also design the handle according to your specifications for a brush that will do everything you need it to. 

Filaments:  nylon, polypropylene, natural fibres, brass wire, stainless steel wire with Gavle or stainless steel frame wire. 

Flue brushes

Flue brushes should be flexible, durable, and easy to operate. 

We offer the following standard twist-in wire sizes: 6”, 8”, and 10” pull-through, or with ½” BSW thread so you can add rods to suit. 

Rods are one metre long and screw into each other to make the length that you require.  

We also make square flue brushes. Just let us know your flue size and we’ll create the perfect brush for you. 

industrial food brushes in Victoria, NSW and WA and Australia

Chute brushes

Chute brushes are used for cleaning out industrial range hoods in the food industry or in abattoirs. They can be made from polypropylene or nylon filaments, with a solid centre. At BJJ Industrial Brushes, we have a variety of chute brushes, all competitively priced, to suit your individual requirements, and we can also make bespoke brushes upon request.   

With decades of experience in the industrial brushes trade, our family team offers friendly service and high-quality equipment that will fulfil your needs every time. With affordable prices and a great variety of brushes and brooms to choose from, when it comes to brushes, we have everything you need.

Call us today on 08 8284 2299 for more information on our range of food industry brushes in Australia!

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