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Our General brushes products in Victoria, NSW and WA

At BJJ Industrial Brushes, we not only supply an extensive range of industrial brushes for many different industries, we also provide brushes for general use. So, whether you need agricultural, roadwork, or food industry brushes, or simply need effective general brushes, we’re the best place to go.

Our team of friendly staff have years of experience in the brush business, and can advise you on which type of material and make is best suited to your needs, so you get the best brush for the job. We can also create custom-made brushes for your individual requirements, with a full range of quality materials available to make the brush of your choice. 

For quality brushes in Australia, you won’t find anywhere better than BJJ Industrial Brushes.

Roller and conveyer brushes

Some of the most versatile general brushes we supply are roller and conveyor brushes, which can be used in many different ways, across many different industries. From standard conveyor cleaning, to being used in food, wool, and paper processing, these brushes are a top choice for all sorts of businessesand manufacturers.

They can also be used in road brooms , trommel brushes, and printer brushes, as well as for turf lifters, chicken de-feathering, and glass pane wash. The steel and automotive industries also use these types of brushes and they can be found in semi-circle brushes and kiln cars brick brushes. Quite simply, the list is endless, so if you want to find out more about roller and conveyor brushes, speak with our team and we’ll advise you on their various uses.  

We use a variety of base materials for these brushes, such as high density polyethylene and ultra-high density polyethylene, along with PVC, nylon, timber, and steel core. This means we can adapt the brushes and make them as flexible or durable as they need to be for the job at hand.

We also supply bright mild steel and stainless steel shafts, with internal or external keyways, grub screws, bearings, and/or housing, for a completely professional and quality product.

Whatever you need a brush for, our brushes are individually designed to suit your requirements.

Brush refurbishment

Offering a full range of services to our customers across Australia, we also provide a brush refurbishment service at BJJ Industrial Brushes. Why buy new brushes when we may be able to strip and refill your existing brush to save you money and the environment?

We do quantities from as low as one to as many as you need, and can trim your brushes into a scalloped, concaved, spiral cut shape, or a stepped finish. Our expert team can also use coloured material which can be detected in X-ray cameras, an advantageous function for brushes used within the food industry.

Just ask us for a template so we can help you design the perfect brushes for you!

At BJJ Industrial Brushes we guarantee that we have everything you need when it comes to industrial brushes, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask our friendly staff for help and they’ll sort you out in no time.

industrial brushes Victoria, NSW and WA Australia

Our general brushes include:

Hand/yard brooms - choose from heavy-duty yard brooms with poly or wire scavengers, braces and handles to suit timber rake handles. We supply hard and soft centre brooms, as well as platform brooms, plus wooden handles (five and six-foot long), and aluminium handles (five and six-foot long), with brackets to suit.


  • Scratch brushes  
  • Boot brushes  
  • Truck wash brushes  
  • Pantec cleaners 
  • Butcher block brushes  
  • Concrete brushes  
  • Flow-through brushes  
  • Bus, car, tram, truck and train wash brushes 
  • Header brushes  
  • Silo trippers 
  • Stock trough brooms  
  • Specialty/novelty brushes 
  • Family heirlooms  
  • Christmas trees 
  • Crops

Call us today on 08 8284 2299 for more information on our range of quality general brushes!

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