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Roadwork brushes best quality in Adelaide
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  • High quality road broom brushes 

Road broom and sweeper brushes in Victoria, NSW & WA We service Australia-Wide

Choose from a great selection of top-quality roadwork brushes at BJJ Industrial Brushes, for durable equipment you can rely on. From wide sweep and gutter brooms, to sweeper brushes, scrubbers and side road broom brushes,  if you need a brush for the road, we’ll have it.

Serving customers all accross Australia, our expert team can also create custom-made roadwork brushes to meet your specific requirements. Just give us a call and let us know what you need. 

Our road broom brushes and sweeper brushes can be used in all sorts of machinery, including Digga, Kanga, Bobcat, and Scarab minor, amongst others, so you can be guaranteed that your brushes will work effectively no matter what vehicle you have.

Machine types

At BJJ Industrial Brushes, our road broom brushes and sweeper brushes can be used on all sorts of machinery, including Pacific Ace, Digga, Kanga, Dingo, and Cat. They can also be used with many other leading brands and vehicle types, including Hydra Power, Case, Bobcat, tractor brooms, tow-behinds, Skidsteer, Grader Brushes (wind row), Macdonald Johnston, and Scarab minor and major. 

If you don’t spot your machine on this list, please get in touch, as there are many more which our brushes can work with.

sweeper brushes

Fill material for road broom sections

Supplying a variety of fill material for road broom brushes sections, we can provide brass-coated and tyre cord crimped wire, oil-hardened and tempered wire, flat gutter broom spring wire and polypropylene. Just tell us what you need and we willl get it for you at a great price.

At BJJ Industrial Brushes we also offer an onsite service and can pick up, deliver, and refurbish your buckets for your ultimate convenience. 

Also available: 

Tar spot brushes

Drag brooms made to your length and width

Coir matting for bitumen rollers

Boot brushes for plant and equipment  

Heavy-duty yard brooms and scavengers

Sweeper brushes and scrubbers

We can refurbish and supply new sweeper brushes for a wide range of machines, including Tennant, Nilfisk, American Lincoln, Green Machine, Hako and Clarke, amongst many others.

Road broom brushes

Our road broom brushes come in a range of options, including sections, spiral-wound main brooms, and gutter brooms in poly, wire and poly/wire mix.
Road broom brushes

Gutter brooms

We provide gutter booms to suit Macdonald Johnson, Scarab minor and major, Swartz, and
Green Machines. 

Material types and uses

Nylon -  an excellent brush for all types of soils, it features good loading ability and is recommended for rough or irregular surfaces where excessive wear may be a factor.  

Polypropylene -  gives a superior pick-up of sand, gravel, paper litter, and areas where debris is in a medium to heavy concentration. The stiff bristle also provides excellent loading. Poly brushes can be used inside or outside with equal sweeping results. 

These brushes are not recommended for use in in foundries, aluminium or reduction plants, where the bristle is subjected to heat, as this can cause it to melt.  

Polypropylene and wire mix -  this bristle composition gives the same benefits of wire and fibre mix, but offers almost 50% longer life. The stiffer poly bristle gives a more aggressive sweeping action and, combined with the wire bristle, is ideal for sweeping slightly packed soil and heavier debris. 

Fibre and wire  - recommended for areas where slightly encrusted soil and dust conditions exist, for example, on parking ramps or machine shop floor areas with mud or oil compaction. Stiffer wire bristles improves the pick-up of heavier debris
fibre control dust. 

Wide sweep (Main broom)

Main brooms are made with either spiral-wound, punched or a steel-based section, with a range of lengths, diameters, and fill materials available to suit your specific requirements.
Road broom brushes

Scrubber and side brooms

Polypropylene -  a good general purpose brush for indoor and outdoor sweeping in
light to medium debris 

Nylon -  similar to poly, this is recommended for rough surfaces and offers a long life under abrasive sweeping conditions. 

Flat wire -  for outside and gutter sweeping where soil is heavy or compacted, this brush material digs debris from gutters, wall margins, etc. It also has inside applications in foundries or hot floor plants, where heat may melt synthetic fibres.

road broom brushes

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